Snow Joe Snow Blowers

The manufacturer of Snow Joe products markets five models of snow throwers as well as a variety of lawn mowers, log splitters, and yard tools (ex: lawn edgers and trimmers). Snowblowers include a light-weight, electric-powered model that is hand held and designed to clear steps, patios, and sidewalks. The four more traditional models are designed to quickly clear large spaces — such as driveways — and use electricity or gas.

Snow Joe’s History

The privately-held Snow Joe, LLC employs 15 people and is headquartered in Edison, New Jersey. It also operates manufacturing facilities overseas. Sales for the year 2008 were reported to be $4 million. The company distributes its products in the USA and Canada through retailers including Ace Hardware, Target, and Walmart as well as other hardware, home improvement, and lawn and garden stores.

Where to Buy Snow Joe

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Special Features of Snow Joe Blowers

Snow Joe blowers are aimed at the less-expensive end of the market and so aren’t big on extra features that add cost to the machines. The hand-held Snow Joe 322 electric snow thrower is designed for small jobs and its light weight makes it ideal for clearing steps or tight spots. While it can’t handle big snow-clearance work with its 7.5 amp motor, it is suitable for climates where snowfall is light. Another electric-powered model — the Ultra 622U1 — features a 13 amp motor, which according to the Snow Joe product description, “moves up to 800 pounds of snow per minute.” Its push button switch highlights an instant-start mechanism.

Gas models which are notoriously hard to start in very cold weather have been equipped with electric starters with manual recoils to handle this issue. All blowers have adjustable chutes which permit the user to set both the height and the direction the snow will be thrown. The Joe Snow Max SJ805 model is a single stage, gas-powered snow thrower capable, according to the company, of plowing 1,400 pounds of snow a minute. Its clearing capability is 21 inches wide and 11 inches deep.

The top-end model of the Snow Joe product line — the SJ906 — can clear a swath 26 inches wide and 11 inches deep while throwing the white stuff 30 feet away. It has convenient joysticks to control the adjustable snow chute so that the user need not stop working to redirect the snow in the right direction. This model has a halogen lamp that make it easier to work in low-light conditions.

Below is the full line of Snow Joe electric snow blowers, shovels, and throwers.

Snow Shovels

  • S24E 11-Inch
  • S23E 13-Inch
  • 323E-PRO-SJB 13-Inch
  • iON13SS 13-Inch (Cordless)
  • iON13SS-HYB 13-Inch (Cordless/Electric Hybrid)

Electric Single-Stage Snow Blowers

  • SJ615E 15-Inch (11 Amp)
  • SJ617E 18-Inch (12 Amp)
  • SJ618E 18-Inch (13 Amp)
  • SJ619E 18-Inch (14.5 Amp)
  • SJ620E 18-Inch (13.5 Amp)
  • SJ622E 18-Inch (15 Amp)
  • SJ623E 18-Inch (15 Amp)
  • SJ624E 21-Inch (14 Amp)
  • SJ625E 21-Inch (15 Amp)
  • SJ627E 22-Inch (15 Amp)

Hybrid Snow Blowers (Cordless/Electric)

  • iON18SB-HYB 18-Inch Hybrid

Cordless Single-Stage Snow Blowers

  • iON15SB 15-Inch (40 Volt)
  • iON18SB 18-Inch (40 Volt)
  • iON18SB 18-Inch Pro Series (40 Volt)
  • iON21SB 21-Inch Pro Series (40 Volt)

Cordless Two-Stage Snow Blowers

  • iON8024-XR 24-Inch (80 Volt)
  • iON8024-XRP 24-Inch (80 Volt)

Customer Experiences

Compliments and complaints about the products and the company’s customer service have been registered by users through on-line vendors. The larger machines receive good reviews as users appreciate that these can move large amounts of snow while the lighter-weight electric models were judged satisfactorily for smaller jobs. Smaller units don’t throw snow as far and some are hard to start according to reviews.


Snow Joe offers a two-year residential warranty against defects in material or workmanship for its snowblowers. All models are warranted only for units used in normal residential snow clearing. Batteries are warranted for twelve months after the date of purchase on a pro-rated basis. Rechargeable batteries are replaced free of charge for 90 days only and on a pro-rated basis after the first three months.

Contacting Snow Joe

Snow Joe, LLC
86 Executive Avenue
Edison, NJ 08817
Phone: 732 832-2572