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Snow Joe has quickly made its way to being one of the most popular electric snow blower brands around. With so many cord... Read More...

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Residential snowblowers typically work in two separate stages: an auger breaks up the snow as it enters the snowblower; and an impeller blows the snow off the sidewalk or driveway. More powerful snowblowers tend to be self-propelled, so that it takes very little force to move them, even in relatively deep snow.

Gas powered snowblowers are substantially more common (and typically more powerful) than electric snowblowers. But electric snowblowers are typically quieter, and some people believe that they are more friendly to the environment. Read on if you are interested in green snowblowers.

Snowblowers vary in price from inexpensive electric models costing less than $100 to heavy-duty professional models costing several thousand dollars. More expensive models have features such as electric starters, heavier duty construction, higher horsepower, headlights and handwarmers. Warranties vary from one to three years. For more information, see this article on buying a snowblower.