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While winter can be a time to frolic in the snow with family, it can also be a pain. Using a shovel to clear the driveway takes forever. Not to mention the negative health aspects. So why not simplify your life and upgrade to a state-of-the-art snow blower?

At, we try to guide you seamlessly through the shopping landscape and help you pick the right residential snow blower for your needs. We do our best to review as many snow blowers as we can. Plus toss out some advice for existing users. Everything is taken into account from the machine's ability, durability, and of course price. Don't get suckered by a sweet-talking salesperson.

Running the day-to-day at this site is Mark Geddes, a veteran in small engine repair and outdoor tools. He has spent over a decade fixing snow blowers, lawn mowers, and other products. Not to mention selling both new and used models. His experience and honesty will hopefully help you make the right choice for when the next blizzard (or light flurry) hits.