Electric snow shovels have surged in popularity over the years. Advancements in battery technology and electric motors have made them more powerful than they’ve ever been. Their affordable price is attractive to homeowners that don’t want to dish out a lot of money for a powerful snow blower.

Below are my picks for the best electric snow shovels on the market. Rankings are based on size, power, clearing ability, and price. The most powerful electric snow shovel is not always the best. Please be sure to look at other reviews online before making your decision. And if you do buy, make sure you’re using the right extension cord to get the most out of your new machine (more information at the bottom of the page).

What is the Best Electric Snow Shovel?

Snow Joe 323E Corded Snow Shovel

With a 10 Amp motor, this Snow Joe electric snow shovel can remove about 400 pounds of snow per minute. Its 13-inches in width and has a 6-inch snow intake depth. Easily removes 4-6 inches of light snow in a pass. Does a halfway decent job on wet snow too if you can avoid clogging. Plastic dual-blade auger is heavy-duty and has impressive throwing distance of around 15-20 feet. Love its lightweight build and ergonomic design too. But what’s most important is the low price. This is a great mix of high performance and value rolled into one. Perfect for clearing decks, walkways, and even a single-car driveway.

Toro 38361 Power Shovel

The Toro Power Shovel gets the most out of its 7.5 Amp Series wound engine by removing 300 pounds a minute. The curved 6-inch rotor can handle up to 6 inches of snow and does a nice job with the heavier variety. Maximum throwing distance is around 15 feet, although its high angle can sometimes cause snow to drift back. It struggles most with compacted snow. It is lightweight and has an adjustable handle to match your height. Built with the customary Toro quality and comes fully assembled. The only issue is its more expensive than its competitors.

Greenworks 12-inch Corded Snow Shovel

This unit has a bit more weight to it than some of its competitors. Still really easy to maneuver and has a nice ergonomic design. An auxiliary handle can adjust to fit your height. The 8 Amp motor could be stronger, but handles 4-5 inches of powdery snow rather well. The 12-inch width is standard but the 4-inch depth is a little short. Still clears 300 pounds of snow per minute and throws close to 15 feet. Greenworks makes some nice products and you can routinely find this on sale at big discounts. It’s a great budget snow shovel for your sidewalk or deck.

Earthwise SN70016 Snow Shovel

A rare 16-inch snow shovel, this machine can churn out 430 pounds per minute. The 12 Amp motor is the strongest I’ve seen on a snow shovel. Powers through 5-6 inches of light snow, although you do have to dig in a bit with compacted snow. Throwing distance can be close to 20 feet and it can clear it fast with an 8-inch intake depth. They’ve also added a chute rotation control which is rare. While this helps direct snow a little, a lot of it still goes straight ahead. Still better than nothing. My gripe with the Earthwise SN70016 is with long term use. The safety switch is a pain to hold in for long periods of time and its too short for tall people (even with the adjustable support handle). Regardless, if you’re looking for more power in your motorized shovel, this is a nice deal.

What is the Best Cordless Snow Shovel?

I should start by stating that I’m not a fan of cordless snow shovels. They work fine but are too expensive. Especially since many are made with cheaper plastic parts. For a little more money you can buy a nice single-stage gas snow blower. My opinion does change if you own other products by the company and already own the associated battery.

Snow Joe iON13SS Cordless Snow Shovel

A 500 watt brushless motor can move just under 300 pounds of snow per minute. The iON13SS can toss snow around 20 feet and the 40 volt battery gives you close to 30-40 minutes of runtime. Their dual-blade auger picks up snow well and can handle 6 inches at a time. Power will fade toward the end of battery life so you’ll want to hit the heavy stuff first. Snow Joe makes some of the best budget snow machines on the market and this is no exception.

Greenworks 12-inch 40V Snow Shovel

This is a perfectly acceptable snow shovel. Works up to 6 inches, throws 15-20 feet, and is built well. A bit heavier than your standard 12-inch cordless but still easy to move. There is no way to lock the power switch so your hands can get tired after a while. But what makes Greenworks nice is they sell a lot of other battery-powered outdoor tools (hedge trimmers, chainsaws, lawn mowers) . If you own them and don’t need the battery, this is the best cordless deal out there.

Snapper XD Cordless Snow Shovel

In my limited experience with cordless snow shovels, this was the highest quality. It shouldn’t be a surprise since Snapper is owned by Briggs & Stratton. The shovel clears around 4-6 inches of light snow and has an impressive throwing distance of about 18 feet. It’s the most comfortable cordless snow shovel I’ve ever used. Love the placement of the handles and how it distributes weight. But what makes this model stand out is the battery. Using the Briggs & Stratton 82V 2Ah Lithium-Ion battery it can last almost an hour. And the power is consistent to the end. This is a great choice if you already own other Briggs & Stratton cordless tools or plan to in the future.

What is an Electric Snow Shovel?

An electric snow shovel is a machine that is a mix of a snow blower and your common shovel. It is a great tool for clearing snow from small spaces a traditional snow blower can’t reach. That means sidewalks, stairs, decks, patios, and smaller driveways. They are not to be confused with electric snow blowers.

Manually shoveling snow can be hard on the body. Especially for Seniors and less active adults. It can cause injury to the back, neck, and shoulders. For older adults, it puts additional stress on the heart and can lead to heart attacks. An electric snow blower reduces that risk and makes snow removal an easier process.

Most electric snowthrowers are compact and lightweight. Typically around 10 pounds, they don’t require much effort to move. They average around 12 inches in width making them easy to store in your garage or an indoor closet.

Electric snow shovels use a motorized auger to scoop the snow in front and throw it in another direction (mostly straight ahead). Throwing distance depends on the power of the motor but typically is around 10-15 feet. They usually can handle up to 6 inches of lighter snow. The engine is powered with either an outdoor electric cord or rechargeable battery pack.

If you’re in a region that receives light snow, these devices can be an affordable alternative to conventional snow blowers. If you live in a heavier snow area, a motorized snow shovel can be used to handle areas your snow blower can’t.

What is the Best Cord for an Electric Shovel?

One of the most overlooked aspects of owning an electric snow blower or shovel is the cord you use. It can be the difference in you getting the full power of the motor or just 80%.

For starters, you want to see how much power your device uses. If it’s 12 Amps, you’ll need an extension cord that is rated to handle at least that. This will be listed on the packaging or item description.

The length of your extension cord affects voltage drop. If you are using 50-feet, a 14-gauge or 16-gauge extension cord might be enough. But if you are going up to 100-feet, you’ll want a 12-gauge to prevent loss of power. The longer the extension cord, the heavier the gauge needs to be.

Lastly, you’ll need to make sure the cord is heavy-duty and for outdoor use. You will be working your machine in some of the worst elements.

These cord can be found at any hardware store. If you are purchasing online, I’m a fan of Iron Forge Cable that can be found on Amazon.