Snow Joe SJ625E Review

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Snow Joe has quickly made its way to being one of the most popular electric snow blower brands around. With so many corded models available in their lineup, picking the right one can be a little confusing. That’s where I hope to come in and help. The Snow Joe SJ625E would be my choice for those who want to push the limits of what an electric snow blower can do.

15 Amp Motor

The 15 amp engine inside the SJ625E is the highest you’re going to find in North America. And Snow Joe does a nice job of getting every ounce of power it can with this motor. There’s enough torque to prevent slowing down in most snowy conditions. The exception is with heavy wet snow which slows it down a bit. There’s always concern if you push too hard in the heavier snow it will burn out the motor.

As for distance, I’d say around 15 feet on average is what you can expect. It is actually a bit less than the 18-inch SJ623E. Likely because of the width of this model with the same motor. A plowing capacity of 800 pounds per minute is quite impressive though. Double what you can expect in the Ryobi corded snow thrower.

This motor runs off an extension cord and is quiet. It must be plugged into an outlet that is rated for at least 15 amps (1800 watts). Due to it being electric, there is no oil changes, fuel, or other hassles that a gas-powered snow blower brings with it. Maintenance free and an environmentally friendly option.

Steel Auger a Nice Addition

Typically with electric snow blowers you’re dealing with plastic augers. But Snow Joe has made a habit of using steel augers. The steel is a little thin, but better than most in this price range. It should hold up well over time. The auger blades are made from a firm rubber. Snow Joe sells replacement blades when the originals wear down. Unfortunately, they’re kind of a pain to switch out.

The housing is 21 inches wide and 12 inches deep. With light powder, you should be able to remove up to 10 inches. It really does an impressive job with the fluffier snow. Heavy snow is another story. You’re going to max out at 4-5 inches with some low throwing distance. And you have to go much slower to prevent clogging.

The rubber paddles scrape the ground and are ideal for flat surfaces. Asphalt and concrete driveways is what this is made for. This will also do an exceptional job on wood decks. The rubber prevents scuffing and it can get right down to the surface. Even snow that is compacted a bit can get dug out. Because the paddles do touch the ground, you’ll want to avoid using this on gravel or uneven surfaces. On gravel it will throw rocks and uneven surfaces will quickly wear out the paddles.

Anyone Can Handle This Thrower

If you can maneuver around the extension cord, this Snow Joe thrower handles incredibly well. There’s no self-propelled transmission or power steering, but its light enough not to matter. It glides well going forward and turns effortlessly. 8-inch tires help provide some traction, although not enough to handle steep slopes on icy days. The handles feel a bit flimsy so you’ll want to be careful.

Not only is the handle adjustable, but it can fold down. This makes it easy to store and have a minimal footprint in your garage. In fact, you could easily store this in a basement or cellar since it’s only 45 pounds.

Plastic Chute is a Little Stiff

Snow is discharge through a heavy-duty plastic chute. On the chute you can adjust the height at which you want the snow to fly. A hand crank comes below the handlebars allowing you to adjust without moving. The 180 degree turning radius works fine, but I find the crank a little stiff going from one position to the next. This is a minor annoyance but something to look out for if you plan to frequently adjust while moving.

The chute tends to scatter snow more than send it in a stream. This is a common problem with electric snow blowers due to their limited power. Light snow flies through the chute without an issue. Wet snow will see its share of clogging, especially when the chute is positioned to the left or right. Having the chute blow straight ahead works better in the wet snow. Some non-stick spray may help with this, but I doubt it would solve the problem completely.

3-Watt LED Headlight

A headlight is a favorite feature of mine not only for the user’s visibility, but as a safety precaution with cars in the area. The Snow Joe SJ625E provides a 3-watt LED headlight which acts more like a flashlight. This is clipped on near the handlebars. It’s not as nice as the dash light you get on the SJ623E.

Snow Joe puts a handy clip for the extension cord so you can avoid tripping. Unfortunately some 12-gauge cords don’t fit into it. A bizarre design oversight considering they recommend a 12-gauge instead of a 14-gauge.

Cord Not Included

Speaking of the extension cord, Snow Joe doesn’t provide one with this model. As I’ve mentioned in other electric snowblower reviews, buying the correct cord is of the utmost importance. Purchasing the wrong one can be a safety hazard or won’t give enough juice to the motor.

My recommendation is an outdoor extension cord from either Iron Forge Cable or AmazonBasics. Either 50 feet or 100 feet depending on your needs. Make sure it is rated to handle up to 15 amps and is 12 gauge. You can find these outdoor extension cords at your local hardware store too.

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Why not the SJ627E?

A common question people have is whether the SJ627E or this SJ625E is better? Besides price, the main difference is the SJ627E has an extra inch of width and 2 headlights on the dash. For me, I don’t think that’s worth the extra cost. The difference in performance is negligible.

The difference in this model and the popular Snow Joe SJ623E is 3 inches in width. I recommend the SJ623E more frequently to people who have single-car driveways. The extra 3 inches on this model comes in handy if you have more space to clear.


Snow Joe products come with a 2-year warranty. Unfortunately, you must return the unit to Snow Joe at your expense. Shipping a 45 pound machine is not cheap.


This is one of the top electric snow blowers on the market. A simple, lightweight machine that comes almost fully assembled to your door. Its width suits itself for people looking to push the limits of what an electric can do. A nice compromise for people who can’t afford a single-stage gas snowblower at this time.

You’ll get the most out of this machine in areas that get light to moderate snowfall totals. The drier the snow, the better. Those out East or in lake effect zones might be frustrated by its performance with wet snow. If that’s you, look for an affordable gas model like the Toro Power Clear 721 E or Briggs & Stratton 208cc.


Brand: Snow Joe
Model: SJ625E (Operator’s Manual)
Stage Type: Single-Stage
Engine: 15-Amp Electric
Fuel Capacity: N/A
Plowing Capacity: 800 lbs/minute
Clearing Width: 21 inch
Intake Height: 12 inch
Throw Distance: 20 feet
Tires: 8 inch (2.5 inch width)
Weight: 35.7 pounds
Warranty: Full 2-year


Starting Method: Electric
Speed/s: None
Power Steering: No
Chute adjustment: Remote (180º radius)
Headlight: 3-Watt LED
Heated handlebars: No

Snow Joe SJ625E
Another great electric snow thrower from Snow Joe gives a wide 21-inch clearance with 12-inch depth. The powerful motor can handle fluffy snow with ease but runs into some clogging issues when it gets too heavy.
Overall Score8.8
Powerful 15 amp motor requires no maintenance
Steel auger
Lightweight and easy to handle
Wet snow clogs up the discharge chute
Chute crank is kind of stiff
Overall Score