Greenworks 13 Amp 20-inch Review

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Greenworks is a newer name in the home improvement sector that focuses on eco-friendly options. They range from lawn mowers, leaf blowers, and snow blowers. Their products are either powered by an electrical cord or their own batteries. A quieter and environmentally friendly alternative to gas snow blowers.

This Greenworks electric snow thrower has become popular on Amazon primarily due to its incredibly low price. You can often find it on sale around $150. It ships almost fully assembled to your door and can be delivered in time for an upcoming storm.

13 Amp Motor is Quiet

This Greenworks model can use up to 13 amps to power itself. This is 2 less amps than the maximum in the United States. This limits how far it can throw snow to about 5-10 feet at best. Probably not ideal for a 2-car driveway. It’s much more of a snow thrower than a snow blower.

The motor does process light snow efficiently without having to slow down much. There is the concern of burnout in heavy conditions, so you’ll need to pay attention to how much stress you’re putting on the motor. The volume is around the same as your household vacuum cleaner. This allows for use in the early morning hours or night without waking up the neighbors.

Like with other electric snowblowers, the motor is maintenance free. There is no changing of oil, adding fuel stabilizers, filling up gas tanks, or dealing with a choke valve. Simply plug it into a standard electrical outlet and hit the start button.

Polyethylene Plastic Auger

The auger is made of thick polyethylene plastic that holds up better than I thought it would. This works fine with light snow but it can’t break up car ruts or compacted snow. There just isn’t enough bite to it and it tends to ride over those areas instead of chopping them up. The piles at the end of the driveway will need to be cut down a bit with a shovel first.

Paddles do make contact with the surface which allows for some nice clearing with fluffy snow. Its safe to use on wood decks and won’t scuff up the surface. Stick to flat, smooth surfaces like concrete and asphalt. Since it is a single-stage unit, it should not be used on gravel surfaces.

Removes 4-6 Inches of Snow

In the best conditions, this 13 Amp snow thrower can handle around 4-6 inches of light snow. After about 3 inches though, you’ll need to slow down or make a second pass. The blades don’t spin fast enough to keep up.

Wet snow is where the limitations show up. It can still be helpful in those conditions, but it doesn’t have the throwing power or speed that it does in lighter conditions. A few inches at most per pass. Still, if you’re willing to be patient, it can technically get the job done. Might just take multiple passes at slow speeds. Still beats shoveling by hand.

Excellent Handling

At around 32 pounds, the Greenworks 20-inch corded snowblower is really easy to move. And even though it is lightweight, it doesn’t feel so in a cheap way. Anyone in the house should be able to operate this thrower, especially with the auger assisting in moving forward. A great choice for Seniors or those with bad backs that need to limit the amount of force they exert.

7-inch tires are a nice size but they don’t grip particularly well. This makes it difficult to use on icy surfaces or steep inclines. Taller individuals (6’2 and above) might find the maximum handlebar height forces them to slouch forward.

The handlebars do adjust and fold down over the top of the housing. It takes up minimal space in the garage and is light enough to be placed on a shelf or taken inside for the Summer. Something you can’t do with the bigger gas-powered machines.

Nice Chute Controls for Budget Thrower

At its low price, I was somewhat surprised to see remote chute controls offered. Its essentially a thin pole that goes from the chute to underneath the handlebars allowing for rotation on the fly. There is a 180 degree turning radius.

Unfortunately, the pole doesn’t seem well-built. Not only was it a pain to install, I can foresee it breaking over time. The crank is also stiff to use. So if you’re buying because of the remote chute control, you might want to reconsider (or find a way to reinforce it). Thankfully, controlling the direction and height on the actual chute works flawlessly.

Clogging was only an issue when the chute was turned to the far left or right direction. This was primarily in wetter snow. Coating the discharge chute in some quality non-stick spray will help alleviate this problem a great deal. Still, the chute works better facing forward than to the sides.

Snow Joe vs Greenworks

The most common question I get with electric models is whether to go with Greenworks or Snow Joe. Both make similar machines, but I would rather spend a few bucks more for one of the 15 amp Snow Joe models. The Snow Joe SJ623E has a more powerful motor and a higher quality build. It doesn’t cost much more either. This isn’t to say that Greenworks is bad. I like their cordless products a lot. Just that when comparing the two in the corded category, I prefer Snow Joe.

With or Without LED Headlights

Greenworks offers two nearly identical models with a minor difference. One that comes with two LED headlights on the handlebar (model #2600202) and one that doesn’t (model #2600502). The headlights are bright and I prefer spending a little extra for that model. A benefit to having a quiet motor is being able to use it at night or in the early morning. Times where you need help with visibility for yourself and oncoming vehicles. But if that isn’t a concern, you can save some money ditching the lights.

Cord Not Included

If it wasn’t clear by the description, this is a corded snow blower that needs to be plugged in at all times to operate. The company offers a few cordless option for those willing to work off a battery. But you’ll need to buy a cord and have an outlet handy to use this machine.

When it comes to electrical cords, you need to make sure you are buying the right one. First, it must be made for outdoor use. Second, it has to handle at least the 13 amps the motor is rated for. Anything less will limit how much power you can get out of your machine. And lastly, it needs to be at minimum of 12 gauge. My personal favorites are the 50-foot options from Iron Forge Cable or AmazonBasics.


Greenworks has a 4-year warranty. Shipping the part or product back is at the cost of the purchaser.


This is a really nice product for the price. In fact, it is rated as one of our favorite electric snowblowers. Just understand that it’s not going to handle the rigors of a Minnesota winter. Its for people needing some assistance with the occasional snowfall under 6 inches. People needing to clear a sidewalk, walkway, or deck. Heck, I’ve even heard of people using this to clear a roof (something I don’t recommend at all). The heavier the snow gets in your region, the less likely this will be of much use. But for a little over $100, anything that helps keep the shovel in the garage is worth it.


Brand: Greenworks (Operator’s Manual)
Model: 2600202 (with light) or 2600502 (without light)
Stage Type: Single-Stage
Engine: 13-Amp Electric (approx 2HP)
Fuel Capacity: N/A
Plowing Capacity: Unknown
Clearing Width: 20 inch
Intake height: 10 inch
Throw Distance: 10 feet
Tires: 7 inch
Weight: 34 pounds
Warranty: 4 Year


Starting Method: Electric
Speed/s: None
Power Steering: No
Chute adjustment: Remote Crank (180° radius)
Headlight: Yes (2 LED)
Heated handlebars: No

Greenworks 2600502
One of the cheapest snow blowers available, this corded Greenworks has enough juice to clear areas of light snow with ease. Lightweigh and simple for anyone to handle. Even comes with two LED headlights.
Overall Score8
Very affordable price
Two bright LED headlights
Incredibly easy for anyone to operate
Struggles with heavy, wet snow
Chute crank isn't designed well
Overall Score