Murray Snow Blowers

Murray snow blowers are marketed under the name Blizzard by Murray and are available exclusively at Menard’s retail stores. They offer four dual-stage models with 27- and 29-inch clearing widths. All four snow blowers are equipped with either 8.0hp or 10.0hp, 4-cycle, Tecumseh engines.

Murray Company Information

The Murray Co. is a part of the Briggs & Stratton Corp. Briggs & Stratton was founded in 1908, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The company is best known for making engines for outdoor equipment, such as lawnmowers, pressure washers, generators and snow blowers. The company’s engines were known for their durability because of their cast-iron design. In 1922, Briggs & Stratton developed and marketed the cheapest car ever called the Flyer that retailed for around $150. Briggs & Stratton became a leader in the market in 1953 when they developed a lightweight aluminum engine. Post WWII was a booming time for Briggs & Stratton. The development of suburbs and houses with yards helped their small engine business take off. It wasn’t until this century, though, that Briggs & Stratton started to diversify and acquire the companies that made the outdoor equipment. Now, they have expanded their niche in the outdoor equipment market from only producing small engines to also manufacturing the machines that use them.

Replacement Parts


Additional Features

All Blizzard by Murray snowthrowers come with 16-inch snow tires, a wheel-propelled saw-tooth auger and a heavy-duty gear case. In addition, the chute rotates 190 degrees and is a remote-controlled free-flow discharge chute. All snow blowers have multiple speeds, six forward speeds and two reverse speeds.

Warranty Information

All Blizzard by Murray snow blowers come with a two-year warranty.


One consumer review of the Murray 621500X4 snowthrower says its advantage is a 5hp engine, giving it more power than models of similar size with only 3hp engines. Another review of the Murray 4-Cycle Single-Stage (21 inch) 3.8-HP Snow Blower cites the no-mix engine as one of its pluses. The 4-cycle Tecumseh engine has separate gas and oil tanks, so it eliminates the need to do any pre-mixing. Consumers rate Murray snow blowers highly and attest to the longevity of their snow blowers that are 5, 6 and 10 years old.

Murray Customer Support
P.O. Box 1144
Milwaukee, WI 53201-1144
(800) 661-6662