Toro Snow Blowers

Toro, a popular name in lawn and yard care, provides quality snow blowers to meet the unique needs of homeowners in snowy climates. The electric series boasts eco-friendly features, using no gas, no oil, and requiring no maintenance. The midsize, single-stage blowers bring lightweight and compact design to snow removal. And for large jobs, Toro makes two-stage blowers, which offer powerful options for very heavy snow or large areas.

Unique Features

Each model of Toro Snow Blower carries its own unique combination of features and specifications. The Toro line adapts to the widest possible range of snow removal conditions. The electric versions are lightweight and compact, rendering these models easy to use for nearly everyone. The smallest model can move up to 300 pounds of snow per minute with a throwing distance up to 20 feet, while the largest model can move up to 2,200 pounds of snow per minute with a throwing distance up to 45 feet. All models come equipped with safety features such as safety key locks or one-hand interlocks. Safety skids are also included on many models.

Below is the full line of Toro snow blowers, throwers, and shovels. They can be purchased through Amazon, Home Depot, and other licensed dealers. The model number is listed in parenthesis.

Where to Buy


Electric Snow Shovels

  • Power Shovel (38361)

Electric Snow Blowers

Battery Powered Snow Blowers

Single-Stage Snow Blowers

  • Power Clear 518 ZR (38472)
  • Power Clear 518 ZE (38473)
  • Power Clear 721 R (38741)
  • Power Clear 721 E (38742)
  • Power Clear 721 R-C (38751)
  • Power Clear 721 QZE (38744)

SnowMaster Models (Hybrid Single-Stage)

Two-Stage Snow Blowers

  • Power Max 824 OE (37798)
  • Power Max 826 OXE (37799)
  • Power Max HD 928 OAE (38840)
  • Power Max HD 1028 OHXE (38841)
  • Power Max HD 1232 OHXE (38842)
  • Power Max HD 826 OXE (38805)
  • Power Max HD 928 OHXE (38801)
  • Power Max HD 1028 OHXE (38806)

Commercial Snow Blowers

  • Power Max HD 1428 OHXE (38843)
  • Power Max HD 1432 OHXE (38844)

Warranty Period

All Toro snow blowers come with a two-year full coverage warranty. Warranty details may be acquired through local retailers. The warranty covers owners for any damages obtained through normal use and maintenance and provides needed repairs free of charge.

About Toro

The Toro brand, founded in 1914, is a leader in the mowing market. Nearly 70 percent of its market is realized in professional products, while the other 30 percent focuses on residential equipment. Toro’s largest market sector exists in golf course management. Their mission is to help people maintain beautiful outdoor environments by providing safe, innovative, and environmentally sound products.

Contact Toro

Toro snowblowers are sold through local Toro dealers. However, owners may contact customer service for questions or concerns.

The Toro Company
Consumer Customer Care
8111 Lyndale Avenue S
Bloomington, MN 55420

USA: 1-888-384-9939
Canada: 1-800-544-5364