Best Accessories for Snow Blowers

Are you looking to get more out of your snow blower? There are a number of great accessories and add-ons that can improve your snow removal experience. Some will enhance your machine while others will provide comfort when operating. Below you will find some of the best snow blower accessories available.

Snow Cab

Windy days can cause havoc when trying to clear snow. Having a constant stream of snow blowing back into your face in sub-zero temperatures is no fun. It can limit visibility and become a safety issue. That’s where a snow cab comes in handy. These devices attach to your snow blower and act as a hood to protect you from swirling snow, sleet, and gusty winds. They are freeze-resistant and built with heavy-duty fabrics to handle the worst elements.

The easiest way to find a snow cab that fits is to purchase one from the same manufacturer the snow blower is from. If there is none available or you’d like to save some money, there are a number of universal snow cabs available that will fit most major brands. Just make sure it doesn’t cover up a headlight.

Tire Chains

Proper traction is important when operating your snow blower. When wet snow freezes overnight, it can create a slippery surface that makes it difficult to plow. This is not only a time-consuming annoyance, but a safety issue.

Tire chains help solve this problem. Just like when used on automobiles, the chains will grip the surface and provide maximum traction. An important accessory for those that don’t have heavy-duty tread on their tires or operate their snow blower on steeper slopes. Snow chains are sold in pairs and are relatively easy to install.

Non-Stick Spray

A clogged discharge chute is the bain of a snow blower owners existence. Stopping every few feet to shovel out wet snow is a pain. Not to mention the added stress to your engine. People have come up with all sorts of creative solutions over the years. WD-40, cooking spray, and car wax have been debated among snow blower communities.

If you’d like to skip the experiments, pick up a non-stick spray made for ice and snow. The DuPont Snow and Ice Repellent is a personal favorite. A mix of Teflon fluoropolymer and silicone will ensure nothing sticks to the chute or the auger. The spray can also be used on traditional snow shovels, rain gutters, and satellite dishes.


This innovative product lets you salt your driveway as you plow. The MeltBuddy attaches to your snow blower and will release salt with a hand trigger. There is no spinner inside, just a funnel that spreads the salt out in a wide path. A convenient way to save time.

While this product is made for Ariens snow blowers, it has a near universal fit. It is made with high-density polyethylene and has a snap-lock cover to prevent moisture from getting into the hopper.

Snow Blower Cover

If you store your snow blower outside, it’s important to protect it from the elements. A snow blower cover will prevent rain and snow from rusting out your machine. It will also prevent dirt from getting into the engine and causing problems that are expensive to fix.

Most manufacturers offer a cover that is designed specifically for your model snow blower. To save money, there are universal covers available too. Quality snow blower covers are made with water resistant fabric that will allow the machine to breathe to avoid moisture building up inside.

Drift Cutters

In areas where heavy snow drifts are common, a set of drift cutters can make the job easier. These metal devices mount on the sides of the of your snow blower. They help break down snow and force it into the auger housing.

For the best fit, you’ll want to choose drift cutters designed for your snow blower brand. There are universal drift cutters available that can fit too. Installation is simple and they can slide down when not needed.

Front Weight Kit

Snow blowers can be top heavy. If you’re using a snow cab in back, it can create weight imbalances. These issues cause the snow blower to ride over snow instead of digging in.

A front weight kit adds weight to the front of your snow blower. This will bring the auger closer to the ground and allow it to clear down to the pavement more efficiently. Weight bars attach to the roof of the auger housing and are usually 10 pounds. Purchase the a weight kit that fits your brand and model.

Snow Blower Gloves

Controlling a snow blower in wet conditions can be difficult. Gloves made for use with snow blowers can help with that. Most gloves are PVC coated and waterproof. Flexible with a rough exterior allows for secure grip on wet and dry surfaces.

Snow blower gloves are designed to keep your hand and fingers warm in the coldest conditions. They are typically lined with fleece that does not stiffen up. An extended cuff goes up the forearm to ensure no water can get inside.

Airless Tires

A flat tire before a blizzard can be a bummer. If you’d like to avoid that scenario, or have just gotten tired of searching for the air pump, airless tires might be for you. These replace existing pneumatic tires and are maintenance free. They can be especially useful on gravel driveways where flats are more common.

This is a newer feature being rolled out in higher priced snow blowers. But companies such as Toro, Cub Cadet, MTD, Yard Machines, and Ariens are offering replacement tires on some older snow blowers.

Chute Clearing Tool

For when non-stick sprays fail, having a chute clearing tool handy is the next best thing. Many snow blowers come equipped with these tools already. But if your doesn’t, a number of universal options are available. They will attach to your snow blower for easy access.

Ski Goggles

If you don’t feel like forking over the money for a snow cab, some cheap ski goggles make a nice alternative. They will protect your eyes and allow better visibility on windy days. Most have UV protection built-in on sunny days where glare is a concern. Plus they look really cool.

If we are missing any accessories, please let us know through our contact page. If you’re a manufacturer with a new product you’d like tested out, please contact us as well.