Best Electric Snow Blowers

Electric snow blowers have really taken off over the past few years. They’ve found a nice niche as an affordable alternative to the more expensive gas-powered snow blowers. Prices have dropped and online shopping has made it easy for people to order and have a new machine at their doorstep in a couple days.

But choosing the best electric snow blower can be tougher. You’re not dealing with the traditional companies in the home improvement space. Imports from China have flooded the market with names we haven’t heard before. Below you will find a list of our favorite machines. This is the opinion of one man and you should seek out customer reviews and consumer guides before making your decision. We’ve also put together an article on commonly asked questions. Or if you’re looking for the best gas snow blowers.

It’s important to note that each of these machines requires a properly rated cold-weather extension cord. One of the biggest mistakes consumers make is purchasing a cheaper cord that is only rated for 10 amps. This will not give you the full performance of the machine. Many of the complaints about power are because of this mistake.

Snow Joe Ultra SJ621

The Snow Joe Ultra is a nice choice for small to medium size driveways in areas that get light to moderate snow. The 13.5 amp engine has more oomph than I expected. As one of the only electric options with steel auger blades, it can cut through thicker snow than most. It’s still an electric, so keep your expectations in check. It works best in the 3-8 inch range but I’ve seen it slowly handle almost a foot of the lighter snow.

The discharge shoot is easy to control from behind the blower. 15 foot throwing distance can be expected with light snow but that is cut down dramatically with wetter stuff. Probably not strong enough for a wide driveway. Its lightweight and easy to handle. Plus it comes with a 20W halogen headlight which is a rarity on electric models.

I’m not a fan of spending a lot on electric snow blowers. The Snow Joe Ultra SJ621 falls into a sweet spot for me. It’s cheap but a step up from the lower end models in durability and performance. If you later end up deciding a gas-powered snow blower is what you need, you wouldn’t have dropped too much money.

Ryobi 20-inch 13 Amp Corded

Ryobi isn’t the first name you think of when it comes to snow blowers, but this electric is a gem. On paper, the 13 amp motor doesn’t sound impressive but it really performs well. It’s plastic auger can handle almost 8 inches of light snow and 4 inches of the wet variety. Clears right down to the pavement. You can get up to 15 feet throwing distance at times which is great.

Chute controls are easy to use with a rod that’s a bit low. Taller people might knock knees with it from time to time. With a little WD40 on the chute, there is no sticking. This model about 15 pounds heavier than its competitors but thats because of its higher quality build.

This Ryobi 13-amp corded snow blower should be priced about $50 more. One of the better performing electric options and a nice step up from budget choices by Snow Joe and Greenworks.

Greenworks 20-Inch Corded

This is one of the most affordable options available and perfect for those on a tight budget. A 13-amp engine will give you only around 5 feet in throwing distance. But it can handle up to 6 inches of light snow. It maneuvers well and you can control both the chute and body at the same time. Foldable handlebars gives this a small footprint in the garage. It will even store well up in the rafters in the Summer.

With its limited throwing ability, the Greenworks Corded Snow Blower is best suited for single car driveways. It works great on decks and walkways too. Climates that get less than 30 inches of snow is ideal. At around $100, it’s tough to complain about its limitations. Just a nice, cheap thrower to help you get through Winter.

Snow Joe Ultra SJ618E

This is the little brother to the Snow Joe Ultra SJ621. 18 inch width and 8 inch clearing depth with a 13 amp motor inside. Should be able to handle up to 8 inches of light snow in a pass. You’ll only get around 3-5 feet of throwing distance. It does struggle with compacted snow.

The Snow Joe Ultra SJ618E is lightweight and handles well. The safety switch to operate is not a bar but a switch on the right side. Not a huge fan of this design as a left-handed person. The chute can be rotated with a rod underneath the handlebar which is nice. Unfortunately, I’ve noticed ice can find its way into the cracks and freeze the chute in place until thawed.

This machine gets compared a lot to the Greenworks Corded Snow Blower. They’re both nice budget machines to have. I slightly prefer the Greenworks model. Still, if you find this one on sale for less, it’s a nice machine for use in lighter snow climates.

Toro Power Curve 1800

In terms of performance, this is the best electric snow blower available today. With 15 amps of power, it cuts through under 8 inches of light snow efficiently. The thick plastic auger does an excellent job of clearing the surface and it can throw snow over 15 feet. That’s the best out of any residential electric snow blower I’ve seen.

The Toro Power Curve 1800 is lightweight and easy to maneuver (especially turns) for smaller individuals. The adjustable quick chute lever is in a handy spot which is helpful when you’re navigating around an extension cord. While the Power Curve performs great, it’s not built with the same quality materials you find in Toro’s gas-powered line. The auger and many other parts of the machine are plastic. The machine has a better build quality than their competitors, but you’re going to have to treat it with care.

So why isn’t this at the top of the list? Price. This is expensive for an electric snow blower. Especially when you tack on the $40 for a quality cold weather extension cord. For a bit more you can get a nice single-stage gas blower like the Troy-Bilt Squall 2100 or Toro Power Clear 721 E. If you don’t need anything that powerful and just looking for something cheap, I’d take a shot with GreenWorks or Snow Joe which are half the price.