Troy-Bilt Storm 2410 Review

Overall Score

The Troy-Bilt Storm 2410 is an affordable two-stage gas snowblower that packs a punch. Its received high marks throughout industry publications and scored well in Consumer Reports testing. With features matching its higher priced competitors, it’s one of the best deals going.

208cc OHV 4-Cycle Engine

The Storm 2410 is powered by a 208cc OHV 4-cycle engine. Estimated around 9.5 ft/lbs of torque and under 7HP. There is no mixing of gas and oil. While this is the lowest power I’d go on a two-stage, it packs some decent punch for its size.

Troy-Bilt engines are made by MTD. While MTD is based in Ohio, the engines are manufactured over in China. While MTD isn’t at the top of my list, I find their engines to be reliable, efficient, and quiet. This particular engine will hold up well with proper maintenance. MTD also makes small engines for Cub Cadet and Yard-Machines.

12-inch Serrated Steel Auger

With a 24-inch clearing path and 21-inch intake, the Storm 2410 is built to handle snow up to 16 inches in height. It works great on snow drifts and can cut down piles at the end of the driveway with a little patience. The reinforced steel housing provides some extra resilience from ice and rocks that get caught up in the machine.

A 12-inch serrated steel auger helps break down ice and heavier snow. This is a different design than in the Briggs & Stratton snow shredder auger. It feels like the thicker snow gets rotated through a number of times till it’s broken down enough to efficiently toss. A really nice design by Troy-Bilt.

You should get 25-30 feet throwing distance in the best conditions. Around 15 feet with slushy and wet snow. The auger works well and can be safely used on gravel surfaces (after properly adjusting the skid shoe height). The reversible skid shoes are a deluxe polymer to prevent scuffing. They include two extra shear pins.

Self-Propelled Drive (6 Forward and 1 Reverse Speed)

Pushing the 186 pound snow blower is easy with the self-propelled drive system. There are 6 forward and 2 reverse speeds. The second reverse speed is a nice addition as other brands with only one tend to be too slow.

The 13-inch X-trac tires provide some nice traction. This makes it easier to steer over icy surfaces and maneuver up steeper slopes.

Good Handling Despite Lack of Power Steering

The Troy-Bilt Storm 2410 feels lighter in use than it really is. I’m always concerned with heavier units not having power steering, but you really don’t need it in this case. It’s easy to make a 180 degree turn with minimal effort. If power steering is a must, the Husqvarna ST224P might be a nice alternative.

The individual handle grips are nice and I prefer them over traditional handlebars. They make turns and backing in and out of spots easier. Unfortunately, there isn’t single-hand control on this model which is a little disappointing. Holding down the auger and rotating the chute at the same time is difficult.

Remote Turn-Crank Chute

The discharge chute can be controlled remotely and has a 180° turning radius. This is handled with a hand crank which for the most part is fine. It can stiffen up and you might want to use some lubricant for smoother operation. Regardless, at this price, it’s more than adequate.

A heavy-duty plastic makes up the chute. Its well built and should hold up over time. My only minor gripe is in the height. It could be a little taller to prevent blowback on windy days.

Push Button Electric Start

For startup in the extreme cold, Troy-Bilt has put a push-button electric start on the machine. Simply plug the snow blower into an outlet and hit the start button to get going. You can use the traditional recoil cord too. Troy-Bilt does not include the extension cord.

At a budget price, the 2410 doesn’t have the extra bells and whistles. There is no heated handlebars or headlight.

What Conditions is the Troy-Bilt Storm 2410 Best for?

This snowblower is built for regions that get moderate snowfalls. This includes much of the Midwest and parts of the East Coast that receive under 45 inches a year. People in the snowbelt regions will need something more powerful.

A standard 2-car driveway is ideal for the 2410. It works well on flat, uneven, and sloped surfaces. With the proper skid adjustments, you can use it on gravel or grass too.


Troy-Bilt offers a 2-year limited warranty. Repairs must be made by an authorized Troy-Bilt service provider.


The Troy-Bilt Storm 2410 is my #1 budget two-stage gas snow blower. Its well-built and sufficient enough for most areas of the United States. At this price, it gives you a self-propelled drive and good handling. The engine isn’t powerful for a two-stage, but can still handle some heavy storms with patience.

This is a machine that should cost $100 more than it does. If you’re looking to save money and don’t care about things like heated handlebars, this is a perfect choice.


Brand: Troy-Bilt
Model: 31AS6BN2723 (Operator’s Manual [PDF])
Stage Type: Two-Stage Gas
Engine: 208cc 4-Cycle
Fuel Capacity: 0.5 gallons
Plowing Capacity: Unknown
Clearing Width: 24 inch
Intake height: 21 inch
Throw Distance: 30 feet
Tires: 13 inch
Weight: 186 pounds
Warranty: 2-year Limited


Starting Method: Recoil and Electric
Speed/s: 6 Forward and 2 Reverse
Power Steering: No
Chute adjustment: Remote Crank (180° turning radius)
Headlight: No
Heated handgrips: No

Troy-Bilt Storm 2410
A no-frills snow blower that is my favorite budget option in this field. Decent engine power and 6 self-propelled speeds. A nice two-stage snow blower at a single-stage price.
Overall Score8.3
Great price for a 2-stage snowblower
Self-Propelled (6 forward & 1 reverse speed)
Electric Start
Chute crank can be stiff at times
No power steering
Weaker engine for a two-stage
Overall Score