Cub Cadet 2X 24 Review

In your search for a two-stage gas snow blower, you’ve likely come across the Cub Cadet 2X-24 model at some point. It’s become a popular choice among consumers and is one of the best values going at under $900. One of the easier two-stage models to handle, it can also be delivered mostly assembled to your home. The 2019 model comes with an upgrade motor that puts this near the top of the class. Plus who doesn’t love the bright yellow design?

New 243cc 4-Cycle OHV Engine

The 2019 line saw Cub Cadet revamp this model with a more powerful 243cc engine. A significant upgrade from the previous 208cc model and with only $100 difference in price tag. The 4-cycle OHV engine makes it feel much more like a 2-stage snow blower that can handle severe conditions. Props to Cub Cadet for the much needed upgrade in this department.

This Cub Cadet engine is made overseas by its parent company MTD. They have a solid reputation for their small engines and are used in Troy-Bilt too.

12-inch Steel Serrated Auger

A 12-inch heavy-duty serrated steel auger effortlessly chops up compacted snow and car ruts. The auger can struggle a bit in icy conditions from what I’ve heard. A steel save plate on the bottom allows for this to do a better job than most 2-stage blowers at clearing down to the surface.

The all-steel auger housing is well-built and can sustain some abuse. In fact, when watching this in action I saw it accidentally run into a thick tree branch. Banged around a lot and got caught a bit in the blades, but did nothing more than leave a small scuff mark (no shear pins broke). The metal also adds some weight to the front which helps it dig in to compacted snow better.

24-inch Clearing Width and 21-inch Intake

The Cub Cadet 2X 24 should be able to effortlessly devour a foot of light snow and up to 18 inches with some patience. It does a fair job with wet, dense snow and has no problems with the end of the driveway. The 21-inch intake height is nice for snow drifts and means you’ll unlikely need drift cutters. The size of this machine matches the engine power to a tee.

With softer snow, you should be able to reach 40 feet in throwing distance. Even the wet snow can be tossed around 20 feet. The housing is big and doesn’t run into any ice build ups during use. Good enough for most 2-car driveways.

Self-Propelled with Power Steering

The 2X 24 gives you 6 forward self-propelled speed options as well as 2 reverse. The extra reverse option is a nice extra at this price point. They are both slow though and you might find yourself just backing up manually more often than not. The forward speeds works smooth although are a bit fast. You’ll rarely need to go above the 3rd speed except on really steep driveways.

Zero-Turn Posi-Steer is the fancy terminology Cub Cadet uses for their power steering system. Unlike the automatic steering option that is available on Ariens and Toro models, this uses a fingertip trigger control to lock a wheel to make it easier to turn. Whether this is better than automatic steering is up to each user. I find the verdict split. This does take a little practice to master, but once you do, turning is incredibly easy. Most ages and sizes should be able to operate this effectively with minimal effort. Don’t let the weight of this snowblower intimidate you.

4-Way Pitch Control and Chute Rotation

Cub Cadet uses a single-hand 4-way stick to adjust both the pitch and direction of the chute. It conveniently lines up with your forearm and can be used with your left hand without stopping. There is a 200 degree turning radius for direction and 50 degree angle for adjusting distance. I absolutely love the controls and how ergonomic they are (then again I’m left-handed). My only gripe is the stick control can be real stiff out of the box. Use a little lubrication to fix this.

One of the issues people have with this model is the chute being made of plastic. This is a little disappointing, but to get to this price point, you’re going to have to make sacrifices. Having played around with it for a bit, I think the complaints are a bit overblown. It’s a thick plastic that should hold up over time. Some non-stick spray will prevent clogging.

This model comes with an attached shovel to clean out the discharge chute.

15-inch X-Trac Tires

At this price, getting some 15-inch X-Trac tires is a bonus. They maintain good traction in use and don’t slip on inclines. You will have no issues using this on gravel or other uneven surfaces. It should operate well on inclines.

Cub Cadet makes a big deal about their COOL BLUE rust-resistant deluxe skid shoes. Admittedly, they do look pretty nice on the machine. But more importantly, they are really nice reversible polyurethane skid shoes. If you’ve read my other reviews, I recommend those with concrete driveways replace their steel skid shoes with poly skids. This is to prevent scuffing up the driveway or leaving rust spots. So if you fall in that camp, you saved yourself an additional $40 here.

Electric Start, Headlight, and Optional Heated Handles

The electric start comes standard with your Cub Cadet 2X 24. This is in addition to the recoil start and is used in extreme cold weather. Just attach an extension cord to an outlet and hit a button to get the engine fired up.

A headlight comes fixed to the dash and provides decent light. It stays on all the time when the blower is in use. Unfortunately, this is an area I’ve seen complaints with. Either the bulb failing quickly or the light fixture no longer working .

Cub Cadet does offer an option to add heated handlebars if desired. These connect through the headlight configuration and could be installed by most users. It’s made by MTD and the same kit sold for Troy-Bilt snow blowers. Unfortunately this add-on is way more expensive than it should be (seeing it priced around $125). Although maybe your local dealer will give you a deal on this.


Cub Cadet offers a 3-year limited warranty on the 2X 24. Repairs must be made by an authorized deal.


If you need more width, Cub Cadet has their 2X 26″ model that comes with an identical engine but a steel chute (this model is still plastic for some reason). But if you’re willing to spend more, you’d be better off with an Ariens Deluxe 24 or Toro Power Max 826 E in my opinion. The price of this model is what makes it so special.

As I mentioned in the opening, the Cub Cadet 2X 24″ two-stage gas snow blower is one of the best deals running. It has the power to handle homes outside the snowbelt and can be confidently used in areas getting less than 60-70 inches of snowfall annually. Self-propelled with power steering makes it easy to handle for both teenagers and older adults. There’s a few sacrifices they’ve made to keep costs down, most notably the plastic chute. But it isn’t enough to detract from such a great bargain.


Brand: Cub Cadet
Model: 2X 24 (Operator’s Manual)
Stage Type: Two-Stage Gas
Engine: 243cc 4-Cycle OHV
Fuel Capacity: 0.5 gallons
Plowing Capacity: Unknown
Clearing Width: 24 inch
Intake height: 21 inch
Throw Distance: 40 feet
Tires: 15 inch (5 inch width)
Weight: 245.5 pounds
Recommended Oil: 5W30


Starting Method: Recoil and Electric
Speed/s: 6 Forward and 2 Reverse
Power Steering: Yes
Chute adjustment: Remote Single-Hand Stick
Headlight: Yes
Heated handlebars: No, but available as an add-on
Warranty: 3-year limited

Cub Cadet 2X 24
Great choice for first time buyers. This easy to operate 24-inch blower works best on inclines and icy surfaces. A powerful engine and affordable price make it one of my favorites in this field.
Overall Score9
Great value at current price
Chute is easy to control on the move
Polyurethane skid shoes add a touch of color
Chute controls require adding some lubrication
Plastic chute instead of steel
Complaints about headlight failing
Overall Score